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Spaccio Carni - Beef House
Road Dossi 5 - 25050 - Pian Camuno - Brescia
Tel: +39 0364-591585 r.a. - Fax +39 0364-592472
VAT: 02819980166
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BEEF HOUSE : Services
It’s possible to buy our products directly into the factory shop that is located in front of the factory;  we serve with the same seriousness every kind of reality, from the housewife to the big restaurant, independently from the meat’s quantity request.
You’ll find a meat-bank full of a cuts of meat ready to cook just prepared from us.
In the factory shop you’ll be welcome from a professional and qualified staff, ready to give you all information about the meat you should buy and how you can cook it.
The staff will guarantee the quality and the origin of the meat and finally the methodology used in the factory’s cattle-breeding.
First of all it’s important to underline that the factory shop guarantees the cheap price of the meat for the best quality; furthermore it’s possible an ulterior discount for meat’s big quantity request.
Our prevalent production regards to veal and bovine meat, coming from our own cattle-breeding;  in the BEEF House you can also find pork, meat for roast, stew and cutlets; there are also directly made by our staff  Italian sausages like salami, bacon, coppa and cotechino.
And on booking you’ll buy gifts box full of local and traditional products.